Savannah Day Trip

This past weekend, we did a quick trip to Savannah, partially to test out sleeping in the CRV (review of that ordeal to come) and partially because Kiersten woke up on Thursday and decided that Savannah sounded fun for the weekend. We stopped in Macon to see Austin's brother on Friday night and then swept down to Savannah for a quick drink and nachos at the Crystal Beer Parlor (phenomenal suggestion from Laura).

They had an awesome collection of awesome local Savannah beers (and some great ones from around Georgia). The staff was warm and the couple sitting next to us was absolutely hysterical. 

Question: Do you guys know what a Redneck Car Bomb is? 

Answer: It's a shot of ranch dressing dropped into sweet tea.

We just about lost it listening to this guy talk about it. Also, after a long drive, nachos and beer might be the absolute best.

The next morning after some horrible sleep, we went down to Tybee Island and watched the sunrise on North Beach off Governors' Row. We both agreed that it was the absolute best part of the trip. Quiet, peaceful, and colorful. If you are heading down to Savannah, watch the sunrise on Tybee at least once. Afterwards, we went to The Coffee Fox to get a little work done and to get a lot of caffeine in our system. The coffee was superb (cafe con leche in a true Cuban style pictured), the music was perfect, and the atmosphere was wonderfully quirky and eclectic.

After breakfast, we walked along the river on River Street (actually our least favorite part of Savannah, but a timeless classic nonetheless) and started exploring different squares. Savannah is great for a day of just extended walking and  enjoying the natural beauty of the city combined with some amazing history and great Southern architecture. The weather definitely cooperated.

Now for the most important part of the trip. We went to Moon River Brewing Company.

"Oh my gosh." -Kiersten
"Oh my beer." - Austin

 We sat outside in the perfect weather, excited just to try some local beer and eat some food. We didn't expect to get a flight of 11 beers for $18 and certainly didn't expect to enjoy every single one of them. Untappd was definitely up and the ratings of the beers definitely benefited from our hungry, sleep deprived minds. All that said, every one of their beers was excellent. On top of that, the food was perfectly paired. We ignored the Southern food and went German, but we're no strangers to Southern food. No love lost there. The service was incredible, the beer was great, and the food was wonderful. If you are in Savannah, you have to stop by MRBC. You will not regret it.

We finished the day with walking off the beer and exploring a little more before driving back to the insanity of Atlanta. We give the trip two thumbs up!

Introduction to Only Passionately Curious

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious
- Albert Einstein

One of our dreams is to take a roadtrip across America. At a young age, both Austin and I were struck with a pretty extreme case of wanderlust. Now, after Austin graduates in May, we're going to hit the road and travel out of the back of a well-aged well-loved CRV for a month to finally accomplish this dream. Until then, we're going to document our little adventures. Our primary goal with all of this is to record our memories. Why not share it with others as well?

First up? Savannah, Georgia. We are doing a short day trip and we'd love some help! Tweet @opcka suggests to eat, drink (we really like beer), and see with #katakesavannah and don't forget to follow us on Instagram (@opcka) and Snapchat (opcka) for live updates of what we are doing throughout the day! Feel free to comment with suggestions as well!

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